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Klass Monitor

Klassmonitor School Management Software handles all those tedious tasks which earlier had to be taken care by a specific person with the use of paper and pen. The mobile app has different profiles for students, parents, teachers and management. This cloud-based online ERP ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations.

It acts as a central dashboard where all stakeholders- principal, management, teachers and parents can access any important information,               anytime.

With this software teachers can spend more time on teaching and student progress, parents can stay updated with their ward's performance.

The management can easily manage all the intricate and time-taking administrative tasks.

Principal can monitor and manage every single action being performed inside and out of the school premises.

One of the most remarkable benefits of a school ERP software is that it saves alot of time involved in managing massive data and information.

This further helps teachers and administrative staff to focus more on the other important jobs and work more efficiently.

Simply put, all the back-office operation of a school can be taken by a school ERP software.


School Management Software

Our school ERP comes from a technical and strong educational software development domain, our software is easy to use and cost effective; it can be a very useful utility for school staff in managing day to day work. Starting from the admission process to customize fee management.

Easy attendance marking

Android APP for parents, teachers and staff

Define session/class/subjects as per school needs

Time table and exam result management

Account management

Parent module for better student performance tracking

Manage school transport by state of art GPS's technology

User Profile

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The management system will help the school to maintain the record paperless with real time data available.

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The teacher and administrative staff need to complete several tasks to maintain the standard of the institution.

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The parent section of ERP is designed such that they can track all the information regarding their child.

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Driver to send location info to server and get the smart driving alerts.

Why Choose Us

School Management Software
increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Klass Monitor help administrators of schools,college and institutes to increase their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage academic institutes.

Easy to access

Easy to access

It is web-based application which features a centralized stored data that help student, teachers and parents to access the data anywhere and anytime.

cost effective

Cost Effective

The easy to use feature of klass monitor help school,college and institutes in proper functioning by saving their time and cut down the administrative cost.

cost effective

Great Support

Our well-trained team provides round the clock continuous service without any kind of interruption.

cost effective

Secure environmant

With data-encryption property,we provide secure environment to your data at Educate Pro.

Benefits of Klassmonitor


Klass Monitor Management Software is very much useful to the parents to track their child’s activities and performance inside the school.


Besides helping school administrative bodies and teachers, Web-School ERP is there for the students also.



It is most essential to gauge the performance of every individual student.

Admin & Finance

The fee management module brings a fee dashboard for the school with the information like day’s collection, dues-receipts, and others.