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The parent section of ERP is designed such that they can easily access by using their ID and password. They can track all the information regarding their child which is very essential for personal growth of the student where they can get all the school-related information . The information about the other students is secure. They can monitor their child’s growth by keeping the track of assessment results, behavioural improvements.The design of the parent section is easily operated by the students also. By which the students can excel in their performance as all assignments, worksheets and home works are submitted on time with the help of reminders. Parents can know about the schedules of extracurricular activities, holiday notices, class timetables, assessment rosters, and emergency changes Another most helpful amenity they can get, the fees payment option with a valid pay-slip. They can also even keep a track of the bus route through the GPS tracking which is made available in the Mobile APP dashboard. Our school management software system is used to fulfil all the requirements of the parents to satisfy them. Transparent communication from school to parent about achievements, behavior and school activities is so blissful. Update about scheduled parent meetings and school announcements make parents feel connected with the school all the time.