The parent section of ERP is designed such that they can easily access by using their ID and password.

They can track all the information regarding their child .

The information about the other students is secure.

They can monitor their child’s growth by keeping the track of assessment results, behavioural improvements.

The design of the parent section is easily operated by the students also.

Parents can know about the schedules of extracurricular activities, holiday notices, class timetables, assessment rosters, and emergency changes.

They can also even keep a track of the bus route through the GPS tracking which is made available in the Mobile APP dashboard.


Integrated transport management helps school staff to configure pickup and drop route for students, getting real time bus attendance data and track the school buses.

Transport module helps in maintaining bus details like registration no, purchase date,insurance details, assigned drivers & their profile and related information.

Ability to track their child’s school bus and instant alerts when the child boards the school bus, helps parents ensure their child’s security in transit.


Configurable communication policies allow school management to facilitate and moderate communication flow between school staff and parents.

Our ERP has Parent portal, which are capable enough to facilitate the communication process by sending sms, instant notifications and e-mails to a predefined set of parents and the whole school.

Our school solution has communication system for all updates viz attendance, holidays, exams, events, fee payments, homework and other custom notices.


Klass Monitor is designed to incorporate any kind of examination pattern with easy configuration system which can be assigned individually to every class and section.

Exam scheduling, seamless mark entry system, auto marks/grades calculation as per selected exam pattern, marks publish by teacher and result publish by school admin with logical approval mechanism by school authorities.

Report card is automatically generated as per the selected pattern and the respective board of the student and shared with parents immediately as soon as published by school authorities.


It contains the homework files, date when it was assigned and submission deadline.

Upcoming version will have feature to submit homework through Parent app as well system to track, rate/grade the homework student-wise by teacher.

With this module, daily classroom homework can be easily assigned through respective teacher’s android app.


Attendance management is an important school administrative task and it requires teachers to spend time while roll call, maintaining register and reporting which is done seamlessly through our app.

Marking attendance is very convenient at the click of a button with immediate notification to parents.

Parents can easily check their ward’s attendance for the current session with detailed information.


Publishing and communicating timetables to both teachers and parents on the mobile app helps bridge communication gaps and save time for administrative staff.

The teacher app also provides an effective way for teachers to mark their own attendance, check the timetable and apply for leaves from their smartphones.

Timetable management for schools become a much easier process with this feature.


Fee structure (fully customizable upto student level - various kinds of fee discounts etc can be applied) with fee heads having different payment frequency can be created and auto fee invoice created as per settings and notification system to parents.

A comprehensive late fee management system with detailed settings which automatically gets added in the due fee amount as applicable.

Online payment system helps schools to allow credit card payments and parents can pay their child’s school fees at home easily making the fee payment hassle-free.


Send important reminders about events and school news straight to your students and their parents phone home screens.


Scheduling events and auto reminders to parents helps increase events participation by parents and students and saving significant time and efforts of school staff.


Klass Monitor is designed to incorporate any kind of examination pattern with easy configuration system which can be assigned individually to every class and section